Petit 4-5 kw Multifuel Stove

Model Best 001-VR-A4

400w x 270d x 540h

Heat up 60-80m2

Featuring 1 pane of attractive viewing glass, the Petit is a traditional stove with an output of 4-5 kW, ideal for a small to medium sized room and spaces. A range of features including Air wash, Multi fuel Choice and easy access to flue outlets make the Petit stove a very versatile stove that is easy to maintain.

A removable throat plate and ash pan makes cleaning the stove and flue outlets very simple for added ease of use.

  • Multi-Fuel Burning
  • Riddling Grate
  • Air wash System
  • Removable Throat Plate
  • Dual Air Controls
  • One Pane Of Viewing Glass

This durable cast iron stove retains the heat of the fire and spreads it evenly into the room for hours. The arched viewing glass also gives a great direct heat to the room and also a great view of the fire.

A top air control allows the air to be directed down the glass to keep it clean and add secondary air to aid in complete combustion for a more efficient stove.

Stove Features

  • Controlled Burn Rate
  • Traditional Design
  • Ash Pan & Tool
  • Top & Rear Flue
  • Ash Lip
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